According to LA Metro, Nat’l Signals Training Consortium Courseware is “Well Designed”

Posted February 2019

At the end of 2018, LA Metro piloted Signals Training Consortium Course 104: Introduction to Highway Grade Crossings . The course was taught over two sessions to 13 signal students new to the industry.
According to the trainer at LA Metro, the course went very well: “The material served as a thorough introduction to the control circuits and equipment used at a typical highway crossing. The addition of the regulatory information is also very informative. The course was used as a replacement for the first day of our regular crossing lesson and will be an effective addition for introducing the students to the equipment they will be learning about.”

Pre- and Post-test scores show an average knowledge gain of 85%. The instructor said that “the improved scores are evidence that the course is well designed and the information conveyed is easily absorbed by the students.”

For more information on the National Signals Training Consortium:
*    Courseware Samples on Transit Training Network
*    The Center’s Facebook Page
*    Contact Center Program Manager of Instructional Design      
    Julie Deibel-Pundt

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