Bus Maintenance Apprenticeship Committee’s Framework Approved by U.S. Department of Labor

Posted February 2018

Bus Maintenance Apprenticeship Committee group photo

The Bus Maintenance Apprenticeship Committee with the Center’s guidance has completed a framework that transit agencies can use to obtain registered apprenticeship status with the Department of Labor (DOL). Representatives from both labor and management who make up the committee worked closely with the Urban Institute on the DOL funded program to develop the apprenticeship framework. The Urban Institute has responsibility to establish a wide array of competency based apprenticeship frameworks for DOL while the Center’s role is to make certain the apprenticeships are appropriate for transit-specific occupations. In addition to bus maintenance, the Center has also established registered apprenticeship programs for Rail Vehicle Maintenance Technicians, Coach Operators, Signals Maintainers, and Elevator/Escalator Technicians.

A Registered Apprenticeship is a structured education and training program that takes place in the workplace and includes a combination of on-the-job (OTJ) training and classroom-based instruction. The Bus Maintenance apprenticeship is a hybrid, allowing each agency to establish both time and competency requirements. The program is structured so apprentices with little or no experience would undergo the full three-year program, while those with verifiable existing skills can complete the program earlier. The registered apprenticeship framework serves as guidelines that each agency can modify to suit local conditions and needs. At a time when transit vehicles are highly specialized and senior technicians are retiring in large numbers, a registered apprenticeship ensures an ample supply of well-qualified, highly trained workers by engaging directly in their preparation, education and training.

For additional information on the bus maintenance apprenticeship program contact the Center’s John Schiavone at

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