Catalogs Created for Signals, Rail Car, and Elevator/Escalator Courseware

Posted September 2020

Course catalogs are now available for Center consortium courseware in Signals Maintenance, Rail Car Maintenance , and Elevator/Escalator Maintenance . The catalogs provide a full inventory of all of the courses for each occupation on Transit Training Network. They can be used to quickly check through the materials that are included as part of each course, the number and topics of modules, and the amount of recommended classroom and hands-on training time for each module. They are also a good way to familiarize new trainers and serve as a reference point at any time.

Full versions of the course catalogs are available to members of the relevant consortium only. For information on joining a consortium, please see contact information below.

Signals Maintenance Consortium: Julie Deibel
Rail Car Maintenance Consortium: Xinge Wang
Elevator/Escalator Consortium: Karitsa Holdzkom

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