Center Addresses High Voltage Safety on Battery Electric Buses in Upcoming Webinar

Posted October 2020

As the demand increases for battery electric buses (BEBs), the Transportation Learning Center is pleased to announce its second online session on the Fundamentals of Battery Electric Buses. This session scheduled for Tuesday, October 27, is the second of a three-part series that aims to help bus and technicians and others become familiar with these advanced propulsion buses. This second session, BEB High Voltage Safety , follows up on the successful first session, BEB Familiarization, held on June 25. 

Session 2 addresses high voltage safety awareness when working on or near BEBs and takes place on Tuesday, October 27, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM Eastern.

As with the first session, presenters represent the main BEB manufacturers:

  Oscar Pardinas, Eldorado-National California (ENC), will provide an introduction to high-voltage safety, including standards, and how different levels of voltage can affect the human body.
  Randy Premo, BYD, will address high-voltage risks and hazards, and BEB-designed safety features.
  Chris Hossie, Nova Bus, will focus on personal protective equipment (PPE), tools and safe practices when working on BEBs.
  James Hall, Proterra, will discuss high voltage skills and knowledge with an emphasis on prerequisite training, sources for obtaining additional training, and typical tasks required of BEB technicians.

There is no charge for the webinar. However, those attending must register by visiting

For additional information, contact John Schiavone.

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