Center Awarded TCRP Project: National Training & Certification for Vehicle Maintenance Instructors

Posted January 2013

The Transportation Learning Center has been awarded TCRP Project F-19, A National Training and Certification Program for Transit Vehicle Maintenance Instructors, with work to begin in late January 2013. This project will develop a detailed plan for curriculum and written and hands-on certification, along with a business plan for potential implementation in a vehicle maintenance instructor training and certification program.  The deliverables will include (1) a feasibility study; (2) a best practices report; (3) a training and certification program plan; and (4) a business plan for implementation of a vehicle maintenance instructor training and certification program. 

The research team combines the diverse strengths of uniquely qualified experts in instructional design, national training standards for transit technical occupations, apprenticeship and qualifications, transit maintenance technologies, and transit workforce development research, from the Center and EDSI Consulting.  Key team members include Center staff Dr. Chuck Hodell, the principal investigator and Senior Program Director, Instructional Design, John Schiavone, Program Director of Technical Training, and Xinge Wang, Director of Research, as well as Ken Mall and Brian Lester from EDSI Consulting.  Transit Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will be recruited for an SME Working Group that will advise the Center team and later assist with implementation in the industry.

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