Center Delivers Coast-to-Coast Train-the-Trainer Workshops at VTA and MBTA

Posted October 2018

Eight instructors from VTA and one from SEPTA achieving high level of competence after training in San Jose, CA. 

MBTA Rail Vehicle, Signals and Power instructors receiving weeklong customized Train-the-Trainer in Boston, MA. 

On September 10-14, Instructional Design Consultant, Kristen Ribaudo, delivered the Center’s one-week Train-the-Trainer course to nine VTA and SEPTA instructors on the VTA property in San Jose, CA. Instructors represented maintenance and operations in rail, bus and elevator/escalator. The following week - and on the other coast, seven instructors from the MBTA’s Rail Vehicle Maintenance, Signals, and Power departments received the customized trainer development course, delivered by Amri Joyner, the Center’s Instructional Design Associate.
It was a full week of learning and, for some, getting outside of comfort zones. Training topics included The Adult Learner, The Effective Instructor, Classroom-Based Teaching and Hands-on Teaching. Participants had several opportunities to practice teach applying new methods and techniques using their own agency courseware and the Center’s training consortium and Transit Core Competencies Curriculum (TC3) materials. Based on pre- and post-assessments, the participants improved their knowledge in the topics by 91 percent at both sessions. Feedback included, “This class was better than I expected.” “Having worked with the Learning Center as an SME for the past few years, ... it was great to have an entire uninterrupted week of this kind of workshop.” “I feel I have taken very valuable information away from [this workshop], and hope to apply it to training [new hires immediately].”

For more information on the Center’s Train-the-Trainer course, contact Program Manager of Instructional Design, Julie Deibel-Pundt.

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