Center Staff Tours Colorado Rail and Track Test Facilities

Posted May 2017

On Monday April 24th while in Colorado for the National Rail Car Consortium Conference, Center staff pulled on steel-toed boots and spent a day touring the Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI) in Pueblo. During the tour, our staff had a chance to meet with several engineers and instructors to discuss developments in railroading communications and signaling technologies including Positive Train Control. Representatives from the Center and TTCI also took time to discuss possible opportunities for partnering with each other on training initiatives and courseware development.

TTCI is a unique property in the railroading industry; it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Association of American Railroads (AAR) and it manages the Federal Railroad Administration’s (FRA) Transportation Technology Center (TTC). Their facilities are located on a 52-square mile, secure and remote site that operates with a vast array of specialized laboratories and track. Their work focuses on researching and testing railroad technology as well as security and emergency response training.

For more information about TTCI, visit their website.

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