Center Staff Tours MTA Heavy Rail Facility

Posted February 2018

From left to right:  Michael Garnavich (MTA), Kristen Ribaudo (TLC), Damon Durett (MTA)

On January 24th, Center staff met with Rail Car Consortium member Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) at MTA’s Heavy Rail facility on Wabash Avenue in Baltimore. MTA Training Manager James Brodie and Rail Training Coordinator James Hawkins helped organize the visit. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Michael Garnavich and Damon Durett collaborated with Center Instructional Design Consultant, Kristen Ribaudo, sharing resources and knowledge in efforts to help with the Center’s courseware development on Doors courses.

During the visit, MTA SMEs Garnavich and Durett answered questions and provided content for the Doors Troubleshooting course. Afterwards, Garnavich led a tour of the facility and walked Center staff through various troubleshooting scenarios on an MTA heavy rail car. Ms. Ribaudo said of the visit, “SMEs are such a vital part of the development process, contributing expert knowledge on the systems and training resources. With consortium members located throughout the country, it isn’t always possible to visit in person so with MTA’s location practically in our backyard, it is so nice to easily visit and see the trains and equipment in person.”

For information on the national Rail Car Training Consortium, please contact Xinge Wang.

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