Center’s “Making Connections” Conference Capstone’s a Week of Major Consortia and Committee Meetings

Posted November 2017

Last Friday, October 27, the Center wrapped up a week of productive meetings with its five major consortia and committees:

  Transit Elevator/Escalator Training Consortium
  Signals Training Consortium
  Rail Car Training Consortium
  Transit Coach Operator Committee
  National Joint Bus Apprenticeship and Training Committee

During those meetings, subject matter experts comprised of one management representative and one labor representative from over 40 public transportation agencies spent much of the week taking a deep dive into their areas of expertise to discuss, develop, and verify courseware topics, apprenticeship and mentorship models, and industry best practices.

On Thursday the subject matter experts, joined by a good showing of outside conference attendees, came together for the Center’s “Making Connections” conference. Here, in three plenary sessions and a series of six workshops, panelists and speakers from agencies, unions, government, and non-profits examined the current trends and future predictions of the public transportation industry as a whole - but always with an eye on people - both the workforce and the riding public.

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