Cleveland Pilot Shows There’s More Than One Way to Use Signals Consortium Training Materials

Posted October 2019

In an ideal world, public transportation agencies would have all the inhouse capacity they need to train their entire workforce. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Ed Kawecki, the Manager of Training for Rail Operations and Maintenance at GCRTA, is painfully aware of this reality. While his long-term plan is to bring the best and brightest signal maintainers into training positions to pass their knowledge onto the next generation, GCRTA just isn’t there yet.

As an interim solution, GCRTA has brought in Big J Railway Signal Enterprises to teach new and incumbent workers. As an active member of the National Signals Training Consortium since its inception in 2013, GCRTA recognizes the high quality of the courseware developed through this effort. In order to put the consortium training materials to use for them, GCRTA asked the Center to work with Big J to combine their materials with the consortium materials related to inspection and maintenance of M3 switches. A pilot of these materials was taught by Big J owner Jerry Sauer (pictured above) at GCRTA on September 24th.

The course materials were very well received. Participants unanimously agreed that they would use what they learned in the class on the job. They were especially impressed by the instructional videos produced by the Center.

For more information on the Signals Training Consortium, contact Julie Deibel-Pundt at

” The consortium allows us to work in conjunction with the most knowledgeable Signal Experts. Combining the high level of knowledge with the collaboration and instructional design expertise of the Transportation Learning Center the final outcome creates a solid foundation for Signal Training now and into the future.”
- Ed Kawecki, Manager of Training for Rail Operations and Rail Maintenance, GCRTA

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