Earth Day’s Golden Year

Posted November 2019

Metrolink, Southern California’s regional commuter rail system, is gearing up to celebrate Earth Day 2020 - the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day - in a big way, and we are challenging other transit authorities worldwide to join us.

On April 22, 2019, Metrolink presented Southern Californians the opportunity to ditch their car and take a Metrolink train to work or leisure activities - for free - in celebration of Earth Day. As April 22, 2020 is rapidly approaching, Metrolink is looking forward to celebrating Earth Day even better than last time. In 2019, we increased our ridership by nearly 50%, with the bulk of our new riders coming from mid-day on-boarding passengers. Even better, these new riders who opted out of driving a vehicle contributed to cleaner air in the SoCal region by reducing greenhouse gases by 375,000 pounds that day!

This time around we want to make sure we show out for the environment by an even greater reduction in greenhouse gases, an increase in our riders by more than 50% and through educating riders on how they can continue this trend of taking public transportation so they can live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. This is why we are partnering with other transportation organizations across the country to increase mass transit ridership by inviting individuals to leave their car parked and ride Metrolink for free on April 22, 2020 to work or a leisure destination.

For any questions regarding this day and how to get involved, contact Monica Bouldin for more information.

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