Mass Transit Magazine Names Center Deputy Director Xinge Wang, to Its Top 40 Under 40 List

Posted September 2017

Last Friday, Mass Transit Magazine released its Top 40 Under 40 list recognizing individuals for their contributions, innovation, leadership, and commitment to transit. We’re all very proud of Xinge and excited to share this news. Congratulations Xinge!

Xinge came to work for the Transportation Learning Center as a research associate in 2002. In her fifteen years at the Center, she has risen to the rank of Deputy Director and oversees, in addition to her research portfolio, projects on development of state of the art courseware for transit rail car technicians, outreach to veterans and to women seeking non-traditional jobs, the American Apprenticeship Initiative to develop more than 1000 new apprentice positions in transit in five occupations by 2020 and the communications strategy for the Center.

Xinge has particularly distinguished herself as an expert on transit and transportation labor markets and training. Early on in her career with the Center, she began collecting data to measure the effectiveness of the joint labor-management training initiatives the Center promoted. Her research into the Keystone Transit Career Ladder Partnership at SEPTA went into great depth, and she secured the full cooperation of planning, operational and finance staff to examine the effectiveness of the Keystone training, particularly for bus mechanics.

In 2014, Ms. Wang served as the lead researcher on a white paper on the future or the transportation workforce commissioned by the US Department of Transportation, the Office of Career Technical Education at the US Department of Education and the US Department of Labor. Ms. Wang presented the data at the US Department of Transportation in a major conference called by all three federal agencies and attended by hundreds of stakeholders. The dramatic findings about critical workforce shortages across transportation sectors continue to inform federal policy on transportation workforce development.

For full story, click here . For Xinge’s 40 Under 40 profile, click here .

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