Metro Transit Apprentice Graduation

Posted October 2020

        Alec Johnson addressed the graduating operator apprentices

On October 9, Metro Transit and Local 1005 held a graduation ceremony for coach operator apprentices. The graduating apprentices were addressed by Alec Johnson, Metro Transit’s operator apprenticeship coordinator; Brian Funk, Metro Transit Deputy Chief Operating Officer; Jamaine Gibson, ATU Workforce Development Coordinator; Jack Clark, Executive Director of the Transportation Learning Center; Ryan Timlin, ATU Local 1005 President; and John Costa, ATU International President. John Costa spoke to the group gathered by video conference to applaud the local union and agency for implementing the apprenticeship program and thank the apprentices for their commitment to a rewarding and, at times, dangerous and demanding profession. Jack Clark emphasized the significance of being part of the apprenticeship program when only a few transit agencies in the country have implemented the registered apprenticeship. The apprenticeship program is a recognition of the skill and experience needed to be a successful operator. Alec Johnson remarked that “bus operators have the hardest driving job in the world with the exception of Formula 1 drivers.” The operator apprenticeship program prepares employees to deal with the challenges that come with the occupation. Apprentices are paired with an experienced operator who mentors them throughout the course of the year-long program.

For more information on the operator apprenticeship program, contact Kenyon Corbett .

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