National Rail Car Consortium Meeting Hosted by Denver RTD

Posted May 2017

The National Rail Car Consortium (the Consortium) held its third in-person meeting this past week in Denver, Colorado. With Valley Transit Authority recently joining the Consortium as the newest member, labor and management Subject Mater Experts (SMEs) from sixteen rail transit locations worked on developing and validating the next round of Consortium courseware. SMEs were welcomed by Denver RTD’s Phil Eberl, Superintendent of Light Rail Maintenance, who stressed the importance of the Consortium’s “group of professionals working to set a standard of excellence in training and maintenance.” Teams from MBTA and CATS were recognized for their excellent contributions to the rail car courseware development and pilots. Denver RTD’s team, led by Matt Younce, Manager of Maintenance Training, also received commendations for their outstanding work to pilot the Transit Core Competencies Curriculum (TC3). Other highlights from the Denver meeting included a tour of RTD’s Mariposa and Elati Light Rail Maintenance facilities and remarks by Terry Emmons, Assistant General Manager for Rail Operations. There was also a presentation on registered apprenticeship by Colorado State Director from the Office of Apprenticeship, Cynthia McLain, as well as workshops on instructional design techniques, hands-on teaching, and other learning sessions.

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