SEPTA Completes Troubleshooting Course Pilot

Posted August 2019

Participants apply troubleshooting techniques

August 15, SEPTA piloted course 303: Troubleshooting and Repair of Train Stops. This was the first troubleshooting course to be piloted by the consortium. As all troubleshooting courses in this suite do, Course 303 starts with an overview to general troubleshooting procedures and strategies. Then equipment specific common failures and causes are explained. Lastly, participants are given scenarios built off of real world examples to which they must apply their knowledge and troubleshooting approaches to find the root cause of the problem. SEPTA trainer, John Kutsubos delivered the course to a class of eight participants. This was SEPTA’s first pilot of a signals course. In the post course survey, participants said that the images and flowcharts contained in the coursebook were particularly helpful in understanding how to effectively troubleshoot.

To see samples of the training materials developed by the signals training consortium visit Transit Training Network.  For more information on the consortium, contact project manager Julie Deibel-Pundt.

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