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Posted April 2019

Charles Jenkins, Kristyl Black, and Pat Greenfield           SoBro’s CDL class with their pre-
delivering the pre-apprenticeship curriculum.                    apprenticeship certificates of completion.

On Wednesday March 20, 2019, the Center’s Pat Greenfield joined Charles Jenkins, Acting Director of the Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 100-NYC Transit Training and Upgrade Fund, to deliver a Public Transportation Industry overview pre-apprenticeship class to CDL students at South Bronx Overall Economic Opportunity Development Corporation (SoBro) in New York City. Pat and Charles were joined by Krystal Black, a working elevator-escalator mechanic, and Carlos Siliva, an experienced bus operator, both from New York City Transit and both members of TWU Local 100. The pre-apprenticeship class was a joint effort with the Consortium for Worker Education’s Special Projects Director, John McDermott, and Amanda Farias, Assistant Director of New York Alliance for Transportation and Logistics Advancement Services (NY ATLAS), along with SoBro, and the TWU Local 100 Training and Upgrade Fund.

Class participants, ages 18-24, explored the evolution of public transportation, its critical role as a public service, the range of career opportunities and pathways it provides and how to access those pathways, a realistic day-in-the-lives of transportation front-line workers, and existing and emerging transportation technologies. The class provided significant time for participant questions and discussion, small group activities, and one-on-one interaction with subject matter experts. The Center’s Julie Deibel-Pundt designed the curriculum, and the program integrated Kenyon Corbett’s interviews of Center SMEs talking about their careers.

The session was a segment of the Center’s Transportation Core Competencies Curriculum (TC3.) The program received overwhelmingly positive feedback from SoBro instructors, administrators, and in student class evaluations.

For more information about holding a pre-apprenticeship class at your location, contact Kenyon Corbett

For more information about the Center’s Transportation Core Competencies Curriculum, contact Pat Greenfield and visit this link .

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