Traction Power Consortium Gaining Traction

Posted January 2021

A year since its official kick-off, the Traction Power Training Consortium met as a full group on Wednesday, January 27, 2021. Attending the Zoom meeting were 14 subject matter experts from nine transit agencies and two of the Center’s instruction designers, Amri Joyner and Brandon Liu. We engaged in lively discussion on the status of coursework development, learning management systems, and peer-reviewed two courses. To date, the Consortium has completed three courses:

        TP100: Overview, General Safety, and Regulations of Traction Power Systems
        TP101: Introduction to Traction Power Distribution and Control Systems
        TP200: Preparation for Inspection and Maintenance of Traction Power Systems

We are pleased to welcome two first-time SMEs to the Traction Power Training Consortium:

        Ron Aumua, BART/SEIU 1021
        Braulio Garibay, SacRT/IBEW 1245

We are also pleased that Niagara Frontier Transportation System, NFTA, will be the first to pilot one of our courses! Frank Fowler, NFTA-Metro Rail’s Technical Trainer, plans to train three new employees next month using Course TP100 materials.

We look forward to continuing our work with a great team of Traction Power SMEs. We hope we can meet in person once we all get the go-ahead to travel for work.
For more information on the Traction Power Training Consortium please contact Amri Joyner .

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