Transit Core Competencies Curriculum Moves Forward at Making Connections Conference

Posted November 2017


One of the workshops held during the Center’s October 26, Making Connections conference, “The Next Generation: Career Ladders and Pathways into the Public Transportation Workforce,” engaged participants in a discussion of the Center’s Transit Core Competencies Curriculum (TC3). Subject matter expert and TC3 pilot trainer, Frank Burnett (retired MBTA and IBEW Local 103), pilot trainer Corey Petzinger (Instructor/Supervisor MOW, Denver RTD), Tyler Wilson (Government Relations Director, The Corps Network), and Center staffer Pat Greenfield provided an overview of TC3 and its initial pilots. The workshop then turned to small group discussions and report-backs from participants, whose extensive perspective and expertise in the field provided guidance to the Center on how and in what contexts TC3 could be used, and how to move to the next stage of TC3 development.

The workshop groups emphasized the need for agencies to engage in partnerships with middle schools, high schools (including CTE programs), colleges, unions and community centers to expose young people and community members to careers pathways in the industry. Participants suggested engaging young people through exposure to the use of technology, interesting tools, and the social mission and green aspects of these jobs, as well as the career ladder and compensation opportunities within the industry, and the transferability of skills across many potential careers. The need to do marketing, including career days, was noted, as was targeting groups veterans, Corps network participants, and current internal employees who may want to move within an agency. Other possibilities discussed included use of aptitude and interest screenings, possible prerequisites, and linking to a series of industry-recognized stackable credentials.

In addition to valuable input contributed by workshop participants, TC3 will also be strengthened by the use of interviews-conducted throughout the week-long meeting of Center consortia-of over two dozen Center participants who agreed to be interviewed by Kenyon Corbett and Pat Greenfield about their careers pathways, the work they do, and what that work means to them and to the community. Excerpts of these interviews will be integrated into the TC3 curriculum for the benefit of young people and community members considering a career in public transportation.

For more information on Transit Core Competencies Curriculum, please contact Pat Greenfield .

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