Workforce Training at DART – Hot Wires on Hot Days!

Posted July 2022

DART’s subject matter experts on the national Traction Power Training Consortium are certainly enthusiastic about developing quality training for their traction power frontline workforce. The group invited Amri Joyner, ITLC’s Project Coordinator for Technical Assistance and Training, for a two-day observation of training on energized catenary work, also known as “hot wire training.” Braving the 100-degree days in Dallas, overhead wire repair training started at 5:30 each morning at DART’s Central Rail Operations Facility. AVO Training Institute conducted the ten-day course (70 contact hours) under its contract with DART.


Upon completion of the course and lab practice, participants are expected to demonstrate that they are able to: explain the hazards and effects of electricity; interpret and apply hazardous energy control regulations as required by OSHA; outline the installation of temporary grounding for personal protection; utilize safe work practices for work on or around energized equipment; recognize appropriate PPE when working with energized catenary systems; identify requirements for good energized work procedures; and use appropriate techniques for use of insulating equipment.

Preparing to repair messenger support on 2-wire head span on 3-wire head span.   Safety briefing working on overhead cable.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

At the invitation of Greg Richmond, AVO Training’s Director of Training Operations, Amri spent a couple of hours on a tour of the AVO Training and Megger Assembly and Testing Facility in Dallas. This trip was invaluable for ITLC staff to gain a deeper understanding of traction power work and its need for ongoing workforce training. Meeting the Traction Power Consortium subject matter experts at their places of work was the highlight of the trip.

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