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As an advocate of the labor-management training partnership model, the Center supports its programs and mission through research and information ranging from broad overviews of public transportation, training and partnerships to technical white papers to research briefs and metrics reports on the benefits of labor-management training partnerships.

All publications are available for viewing or download as free PDF files, but the Center does not generally provide documents in hard copy. For more information on our publications, please email Julie Deibel, Program Manager,Instructional Design at

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Congressional Testimony on Frontline Workforce Needs

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On March 13, 2019, Jack Clark, Executive Director of the Center, testified before the US House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Highways and Transit on the topic of “Aligning Federal Surface Transportation Policy to Meet 21st Century Needs.” His testimony focused on the training needs in public transportation in light of new technologies and the aging workforce, which has a median age almost 10 years above the national rate. He also highlighted the lack of investment in training and the disparity of federal transit funding allocated towards human capital relative to physical capital. Jack noted the successful approaches that the Center has focused on including developing registered apprenticeship as the national standard of training and creating coursework through national consortia of transit agencies. While recommending reauthorization of the FAST Act, Jack put forward several changes that would place more focus on the frontline workforce and ensure that agencies are prepared for the future.
Congressional Testimony


Transit Apprenticeship at Pierce Transit: From the Ground Up

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Pierce Transit is part of the Center’s transit apprenticeship initiative and has received technical assistance in structuring their apprenticeship program as well as financial assistance to reimburse some training costs.
Read the article on their program in APTA’s Passenger Transport.


Training and Apprenticeships to Address Transit Workforce Gaps

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It is well known that public transit in the United States faces a workforce skills crisis. A lot of attention—properly—goes to training for skilled craft positions, like bus mechanics. At the Transportation Learning Center, we focus on the need for training in those occupations, particularly as new technology such as Battery Electric Buses requires a ramp-up of electric and electronic skills training. Bus operators also do skilled work, and there are a lot more of them.
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ATU Setting the Standard for Transit Apprenticeships

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Making Headway: An Update on the National Rail Car Training Consortium - Issue 3

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Making Headway: An Update on the National Rail Car Training Consortium - Issue 3 Preview Image

Under the Rail Car Consortium, 16 rail transit locations and more than 40 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have worked since 2015 to produce high-quality training material for rail car techs. So far we have developed more than 160 hours of training across 16 courses, with more in the pipeline. We will have 35 courses by the time Phase II is complete at the end of 2019.

Changing Tracks: An Update on the National Signals Training Consortium

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Changing Tracks: An Update on the National Signals Training Consortium Preview Image

Since 2013, the Signals Training Consortium has moved forward with its mission to create standardized national training courseware. The development team composed of signals maintenance Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from member agencies and unions along with instructional systems designers from the Transportation Learning Center, design curriculum and courseware for the
rail and transit industry. The Signals Consortium is now entering a new phase of work. The Center expects to be able to keep agency contributions low by continuing to leverage resources and subject matter experts from transit rail locations for national standards-based courseware development.

American Apprenticeship Initiative Bi-Annual Newsletter

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American Apprenticeship Initiative Bi-Annual Newsletter Preview Image

The scope of the AAI project is not only to develop or expand registered apprenticeship programs within the transit systems, it also includes technical assistance to ensure that these are quality apprenticeship programs with the needed support. To accomplish the goals of the project, the Center has developed five technical committees to assist with the implementation and outreach of registered apprenticeship. These five technical committees are broken up by occupations and meet at least once a year to discuss apprenticeship progress and steps moving forward.

Moving Forward Toward Women’s Equity and Inclusion in The Rail and Transit Sector

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Moving Forward Toward Women’s Equity and Inclusion in The Rail and Transit Sector Preview Image

A toolkit for increasing women’s employment in traditionally male-dominated high-wage, high-skill fields on the railroad and in public transit agencies.

Rail and transit sector jobs offer significant opportunities for women to access middle skill jobs that offer economic security and enable them to support themselves and their families. However, many transit and rail jobs are considered nontraditional occupations for women. Women still remain underrepresented in the major categories of jobs, especially the high-wage, high skilled blue-collar jobs. This toolkit is designed to help rail companies, transit agencies, training programs and unions break through the occupational segregation that limits women’s participation in a range of rail and transit sector jobs.


Making Headway: An Update on the National Rail Car Training Consortium

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Making Headway: An Update on the National Rail Car Training Consortium Preview Image

Making Headway is the Center’s bi-annual newsletter reporting on the National Rail Car Training Consortium’s recent news and activities.

This joint labor-management effort uses a proven model for multiple other similar consortia.  Products include - instruction ready courseware and videos, a nationally recognized apprenticeship program for rail car maintainers, and train-the-trainer program.

Veteran Skills Crosswalk - Vets Make Quality Signal Maintainers

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Veteran Skills Crosswalk - Vets Make Quality Signal Maintainers Preview Image

The Center’s analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data has shown that the transportation industry in large will likely see a massive front-line labor shortage in the next ten years unless it is able to find and hire skilled workers. In fact, it is estimated that 126 percent of Today’s transit workforce will have to be hired and trained in the next ten years.

In order to help fill this need, the center has produced a Veterans Crosswalk tool which matches skill-sets learned during military service with the kinds of skills that public transportation agencies look for when hiring signals maintainers. This product (screen shot shown here) was produced in cooperation with a Veterans Taskforce made up of veterans who are also Subject Matter Experts in the field of Signals Maintenance.

This detailed matrix has been distilled down into a user-friendly Veteran’s Factsheet which provides at-a-glance information for both veterans interested in a signals career and for agencies looking to hire skilled veterans.

For more information, contact Program Coordinator Kenyon Corbett @