Transit Workforce Center


In partnership with the FTA, the Transit Workforce Center (TWC) will support public transit agencies’ workforce development needs for all modes of public transit across urban, tribal, and rural entities. The overarching mission of this new center is to assist public transit agencies to recruit, hire, train, and retain the diverse workforce needed now and in the future. The TWC will also help address the national transit worker shortage by providing technical assistance activities geared towards developing frontline transit workers’ skills and recruiting workers to transit careers through various programs, such as apprenticeships, and partnerships. For more information, visit our website


These goals support the Department of Transportation’s strategic goals of equity, transformation, safety, climate and sustainability, and economic strength and modernization.

The TWC will perform two primary programs:

1.  Conduct technical assistance activities within and for transit agencies that promote more effective and efficient training of frontline workers involved in public transportation maintenance and operations, which is needed to support transformations in public transportation services and assets.

2.  Implement technical assistance activities through collaborative partnerships between transit agency management and labor, including apprenticeships, thereby providing an opportunity to begin addressing social inequities that exist in public transit and creating diversity within and among the transit industry workforce.

Resources and Best Practices for a Zero Emission-Workforce Fleet Transition Plan

To access the Resources and Best Practices for a Zero Emission-Workforce Fleet Transition Plan published by the Transit Workforce Center, please click here.

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