A Big Warm Welcome to Our Two Summer Interns! Whitney Ward and George Tabora

Posted July 2018

Whitney Ward majors in graphic and web design at the Art Institute of Washington where she expects to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree next year. She brings to the Center a strong sense of design, excellent work ethic, and a positive attitude towards learning new material. She works with the instructional designers developing PowerPoint slides and editing course materials for the Rail Car Training Consortium project. She will also reformat the layout of rail maintenance courses on our Transit Training Network site .

Whitney is very goal-oriented and passionate in what she does. And defiantly not afraid to get down and dirty. Self-taught in water colors and acrylic paint, she is also self-taught in the kitchen (with a little help from YouTube, of course.) She loves the outdoors particularly hiking and fishing. Whitney has her sights set on traveling the world particularly Tokyo, Venice, and Paris.

George Tabora is a former US federal employee for the Department of Defense and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Old Dominion University. George calls himself semi-retired but he has a love of learning that keeps him going (plus 2 kids in college needing help with tuition!)

George is currently taking classes in the Building and Construction technology program within Montgomery College and has taken classes in both Electrical Wiring and Solar Photovoltaic Design and Installation. He is currently using his varied background and experience to also help instructional designers develop course materials for the Signals Consortium Project Team. George enjoys traveling, the outdoors and spending time with his family.

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