Center Holds eLearning Webinar in Partnership with XPan

Posted May 2020

On May 4th the Center held an interactive webinar and discussion for its training consortium and committee members on integrating eLearning in transit frontline training. Now more than ever, organizations must develop learning strategies to adapt to and grow with changing times. The webinar focused on eLearning and how it can be used to give organizations a competitive advantage in training. Ron Thiele, CEO and Founder of Xpan Interactive, gave a presentation on how transit organizations can use eLearning in effective and innovate ways to train their employees. Center staff leads for each committee and consortium then facilitated virtual breakout discussions with their members on the application of eLearning in the context of agency specific training and nationally designed training. Key takeaways from this webinar included:
·    Defining and exploring eLearning
·    eLearning platforms and samples for transit applications
·    Skillsets and tools for eLearning
·    eLearning Methodologies
·    How to leverage eLearning in the pandemic

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