Center Led National Rail Car Consortium Keeps Making Headway

Posted February 2018

Making Headway is the Center’s newsletter reporting on the National Rail Car Training Consortium’s recent activities. The third issue is now available on our website.

This joint labor-management effort follows the Center’s proven model used in multiple other similar consortia. Products include: instruction ready courseware and videos, a nationally recognized apprenticeship program for rail car maintainers, and a train-the-trainer program. Among other things, this issue highlights some of the consortium’s subject matter expert’s (SMEs) career choices. These SME stories were collected as a part of the Center’s Transit Core Competencies Curriculum (TC3) which is designed to help prepare participants for entry into and success in early training pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs that provide the foundation for frontline careers in the industry.

For more information on the National Rail Car Training Consortium contact Xinge Wang

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