Center’s Senior Director for Workforce Education Serves as Panelist on Webinar

Posted June 2020

On June 2, Pat Greenfield, the Center’s Senior Director for Workforce Education, was one of three panelists on a webinar sponsored by the Delaware Valley Regional Transit Commission, “Addressing Turnover and Turmoil in the Transit Industry”. The webinar highlighted and discussed a variety of challenges within the transit industry, from pipeline development to hiring practices to developing the right partnerships. Panelists and participants also explored standards for and approaches to hiring and retention, and how conditions may now change due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following up on a DVRPC March 2020 report ” What We Think We Learned “, based on transit industry and workforce development interviews, the webinar examined challenges and opportunities related to what were labeled “the 5 P’s”: Pipeline, Pathways, Perceptions, Partnerships, and Process. Pat’s presentation and comments focused on the Center’s experience in developing and delivering the Transit Core Competencies Curriculum (TC3), a curriculum designed to help prepare participants for entry into and success in early training pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs for frontline careers in the industry. 

Please contact Pat at with any questions about the presentation or TC3.

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