CTA Pilots National Rail Car Training Consortium Courseware

Posted April 2018

On March 28-30, maintainers from Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) piloted three Doors courses developed by the National Rail Car Training Consortium; Course 109, Introduction and Overview (one day), Course 209, Inspection and Maintenance (one day) and Course 309, Troubleshooting (one day). Facilitating instruction were CTA instructors Jayme Adamus and Emmanuel Valdivia. On Days one and two, Jayme and Emmanuel did an outstanding job of complementing classroom instruction with hands-on demonstrations on the 5000-series door mock-up onsite at CTA’s training facility. On day three, class was held at the 98th Street rail yard where participants learned and observed troubleshooting techniques and afterwards were given the opportunity to demonstrate their newly acquired skills through hands-on activities. Two CTA car maintainers participated in the pilot. When asked about class, one participant expressed how valuable the hands-on learning activities were in a controlled environment.
CTA instructors delivered instruction with Consortium courseware - Participant Guides, Instructor Guide, PowerPoints and Assessments and supplemented with CTA specific information, where applicable, to deliver a well-rounded and robust training.

For more information on the National Rail Car Training Consortium, contact Xinge Wang at: Xinge Wang .

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