FTA Selects the Center for Bus of the Future Design Project

Posted November 2020

The Federal Transit Administration announced the award of $1,000,000 to the Transportation Learning Center for a project to design a prototype transit bus improving operator vision, security, back health, and biohazard protections. The project is designed to meet or surpass best global practice in:

  Providing a driver security barrier reducing existing shortfalls in vision, security, climate control, and biohazard containment.

  Improving operator visibility by eliminating a blind spot, optimizing the use of cameras, and improving placement of mirrors.
  Reducing whole-body vibration and its extreme costs to operator health and agency budgets.
  Improving workstation ergonomics with an adjustable dashboard offering computer-driven displays which provide the operator access to route maps, schedules, intersecting bus connections and other information that will improve customer service.
  Improving disabled passenger access and safety, with quick rear door boarding and independent securement.
  Improving air flow, filtering, and sterilization to reduce health risks from particulates, viruses and bacteria.

ATU Safety Specialist Brian Sherlock developed the initial plan for this “Bus of the Future,” and will work closely with the Center and other partners on this project.

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