Rail Car Consortium Reaches Important Milestone

Posted January 2020

The Transportation Learning Center is pleased to announce that the National Rail Car Consortium has reached an important milestone: All 35 rail car courses in the initial scope of work have been developed and uploaded to Transit Training Network:

The last six courses uploaded cover Couplers (101, 201 and 301) and Carbody (108, 208, and 308). With the completion of these courses, we have provided the transit industry with standardized curriculum and courseware that supports a full-scale registered apprenticeship program for rail car technicians. It is compliant with the national framework and training standards for Rail Vehicle Technician Registered Apprenticeship as approved by US DOL.

Courseware Map - Completed Phase I & II Deliverables

In Phase III (2020-2022) the Consortium will focus on helping member agencies with delivering these courses in classroom and the field. There will be train-the-trainer courses (Level 1 and 2) and other technical assistance in addition to development of courses for newer technologies. We will also explore the possibility of incorporating more e-learning into our existing coursework.

Pilots of the courseware have been extremely successful, with one member agency showing an average 31% improvement between pre- and post-course assessments.

For information on the rail car consortium, please contact Xinge Wang.

For information on registered apprenticeship for rail car technicians, please contact Karitsa Holdzkom .

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