Transit Coach Operator Apprenticeship Meeting at Metro Transit in Minneapolis, MN

Posted October 2018

The Transit Coach Operator Committee met several of Metro Transit’s first class of Coach Operator Apprentices, left, and toured Metro Transit facilities.

The Center held the seventh Transit Coach Operator Apprenticeship Technical Committee Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota from September 24 to 28, 2018. Transit agencies and local ATU chapters from across the country joined Center staff to provide progress updates, work through issues that commonly surface in the relationship between labor and management, and learn about the benefits of registered apprenticeships for veterans. ATU International Vice-President Marcelles Barnes also attended the meeting addressed the committee to commend their work on this initiative.

Metro Transit hosted the meeting and led a tour of several facilities in the Twin Cities. Metro Transit has recently become the second agency in the nation with a registered transit coach operator apprenticeship. During the meeting, attendees met Metro Transit’s recently trained mentors and their first class of transit coach operator apprentices.

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