A reminder: Through the Transit Workforce Center, we are offering partially subsidized train-the-trainer courses. Read on for more details of these programs!

Posted February 2023

Train-the-Trainer Level 1: Teaching Techniques

A week-long, highly engaging course that takes subject matter experts and gives them the skills to convey effectively their vast content knowledge to others in a classroom setting. Topics include adult learning theory, teaching techniques, and presentation skills. Participants will spend most of the week applying what they’re learning through rounds of practice teaching in classroom, lab, and field settings. They’ll also give and receive feedback from their peers – one of the most important skills for a trainer.

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Train-the-Trainer Level 2: Creating Courseware that Works

This week-long, interactive course builds on Level 1 by giving experienced trainers the skills to define, design, and develop an effective and engaging training course and accompanying courseware and assessments, incorporating established adult learning principles. Participants will apply this new knowledge by developing materials for a course, which will ultimately be taught at their location.

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