ITLC Presents at SWTA’s Summer University Conference Series

Posted September 2023

ITLC’s James Hall and Maurice Beard traveled to Wichita, Kansas on August 11 to lead a South West Transit Association (SWTA) summer university course with co-presenter from Immersed Technologies, Inc., President and Technical Director Mike Brock. The course on electrical fundamentals and high voltage safety maintenance was a two-day event focused on introductory familiarization-level zero emission bus training for maintenance staff in the region. Technicians learned about the proper use of digital multimeters, assessing high voltage risks and hazards, and how to protect themselves when working on the equipment. The original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) also delivered an introduction to the design of their buses, safety equipment, the general theory of operation, and high-level maintenance procedures, building on the ITLC/TWC-Immersed Technologies presentation. Commenting on the safety aspects of the training, ITLC Program Manager James Hall observed that “combining high-quality training and the implementation of bus design features that reduce the complexity of a high-voltage system inherently leads to safer working conditions for maintenance personnel.” 

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