ITLC’s Jack Clark Appointed to the President’s NIAC Expanding Workforce Committee

Posted March 2024

ITLC congratulates Executive Director Jack Clark on his appointment to the President’s National Infrastructure Council (NIAC) Expanding Workforce Subcommittee. The White House has tasked the Subcommittee with developing and accessing recommendations on helpful measures the federal government can take to improve U.S. infrastructure resilience and security. 


Jack looks forward to addressing critical workforce challenges and opportunities and applying his decades-long expertise in workforce development and sector-based systems to the Subcommittee. Reflecting on his appointment, Jack stated, “The skilled workforce is aging; new technologies create the need for different skills; too few young people know that a career in public transportation can offer meaningful work and a family-supporting wage. For those of us who know this about transit, it’s important to understand that those same outlines of this workforce crisis extend to other lifeline infrastructure sectors.”


Jack credits ITLC Senior Fellow Dr. Beverly Scott, who serves as co-chair of a workforce subcommittee for the presidentially-appointed National Infrastructure Advisory Commission (NIAC) for continually emphasizing this critical point. “When Bev asked me to contribute to that subcommittee as a subject matter expert on workforce needs, I agreed enthusiastically. Infrastructure careers generally make a difference for society and provide attractive wages and benefits. We need to make sure that message comes across loud and clear. I look forward to contributing to NIAC’s mission.” 

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