ITLC’s Train-the-Trainer Programs are Booming!

Posted February 2023

Since the start of 2023, 22 SEPTA instructors have participated in two sessions of ITLC’s “Train-the-Trainer Level 1: Teaching Techniques” course. Topics covered include teaching methods and best practices, adult learning theory, and lesson planning. In addition, participants practiced new facilitation skills and techniques during four classroom and hands-on teaching demonstrations. Each participant’s teaching demonstrations were video recorded as part of a new program component, showcasing their growth over the week. Participants said key takeaways included instructional design frameworks, components that enhance all aspects of student learning, lesson planning, teaching methods, and confidence in their facilitation skills. 

SEPTA January 2023 Train-the-Trainer Cohort

“I now have a much more comprehensive framework to use when developing courses.”

TtT2 Participant

 ITLC also held its first session of "Train-the-Trainer Level 2: Creating Courseware that Works" to a cohort of six experienced trainers at Metro Transit in Minneapolis. Self-assessments showed a 32% increase in knowledge and resounding agreement (97%) that the course was relevant to their work and would benefit peers. Participants especially appreciated the interactivity, and the session gave them a jump-start on a real course they were tasked with creating.

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