Join the Transportation Learning Center at the Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference -February 10-11, 2013

Posted November 2013

At this year’s Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference, The Center will be part of a panel entitled Getting on Track Together: Creating Pathways to Transit and Transportation Careers for Community Members.  Transit agencies face a critical frontline technical workforce shortage in the coming decade, with transit services expanding rapidly and fifty percent of the frontline workforce retiring.  In crisis there is opportunity, as significant numbers of high-wage, high need transportation jobs open up in communities transit serves.  These jobs provide family supportive wages and benefits, accompanied by ongoing training and opportunity for growth and advancement in this inherently green and growing sector.  Panel members will discuss successful career pathways partnership models with management, labor, education, local government and community members and will ask audience members to share their knowledge and experience.

Panelists include:
*  Lori Nelson - Deputy Chief of Staff at MBTA
*  Martell Dyles - Manager of the Workforce Initiative Now (WIN)
    program at Denver RTD
*  Jeff Brooks - Advisor to Transport Workers Local 234 President
    Willie Brown in Philadelphia

For more information, or to register for the conference, visit the good jobs green jobs website:

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