Launch of Apprenticeship Network: ATTAIN!

Posted November 2021

The Transit Workforce Center (TWC) is pleased to announce the launch of the American Transit Training and Apprenticeship Innovators Network (ATTAIN) during National Apprenticeship Week. Transit agencies interested in exploring and starting apprenticeship programs for the frontline workforce as well as those with established programs are invited to join the peer network. ATTAIN will have separate committees for different occupational areas. Based on knowledge of industry needs, the initial committees will be:

  • Bus Operator Apprenticeship Committee
  • Bus Maintenance Apprenticeship Committee
  • Railcar, Signals, and Traction Power Apprenticeship Committee
  • Facilities and Elevator/Escalator Maintenance Apprenticeship Committee

Combining technical instruction with hands-on learning and providing a pathway to highly skilled and well-paid work for diverse populations, apprenticeship is widely recognized across sectors as the most effective means of building a skilled workforce. Registered apprenticeship provides a pathway to higher-skilled jobs, increased earnings, and longer-term job retention; programs help employers address transit’s aging and retiring workforce issues by formalizing succession planning and skills transfer through on-the-job learning (OJL) and mentoring. Registered apprenticeship helps advance equity and diversity in the transit workforce, providing opportunities for underrepresented and disadvantaged populations to overcome barriers and gain entry-level access to family sustaining jobs in public transportation; they also provide ongoing education and training, so incoming and incumbent workers can advance into higher-skilled and higher-paid positions. At a time when nearly all agencies are facing frontline workforce shortages, growing your own workers through time-tested and proven apprenticeships makes good sense. 

Membership in ATTAIN provides agencies interested in implementing an apprenticeship with continuous support from the TWC and the opportunity to learn from each other through peer dialogue. This exchange of ideas and experiences complements the individual technical assistance that ATTAIN members will receive from the TWC to help agencies learn and apply best practices for registered apprenticeship. Committee members will receive regular communications from the TWC and will be invited to participate in periodic virtual meetings and in-person meetings.

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