NIAC Releases Report on Infrastructure Workforce Readiness

Posted September 2021

On September 22, the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) issued its report on workforce readiness for infrastructure sectors. The report offered nine detailed recommendations on improving workforce readiness, organized into near-term, mid-term and long-term priorities. Overall, the Commission report called for a ”K to Gray” system to prepare people for continuing workforce changes, provide career ladder opportunities and the chance for lifelong learning.

NIAC organized a call to approve the report and allow comments from additional stakeholders. ITLC Board Chair and ATU International President, John Costa, was one of the public commenters on the call. Reflecting the emphasis in NIAC’s findings, Costa urged an expansion of registered apprenticeship in technical infrastructure careers. He specifically cited his work in leading ITLC and in creating a new National Transit Workforce Center in partnership with the Federal Transit Administration. A copy of ATU International President Costa’s letter can be found here. Dr. Beverly Scott, a senior fellow and founding Board member for ITLC, co-chaired the committee that developed the report. ITLC Executive Director Jack Clark served on a study group that met over several months to collect data and draft recommendations for the NIAC committee. Madeline Janis, a current ITLC Board member and the Executive Director of Jobs to Move America, also offered public comment to advocate for the implementation of the report, focusing on the lack of investment in workforce training when purchasing components of the nation’s critical infrastructure.

To view the presentation from the call, click here.

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