Signals Training Consortium Courseware Development Teams Start Creating Courses

Posted June 2013

Last week, the SignalsTraining Consortium held virtual webinar meetings to kick off the content development for the following topic areas:
• Track Circuits
• Switches
• Train Stops
• Grade Crossings

Webinar technology enables Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from all over the country to come together with Center Instructional Designers to work on courseware development.  During these kickoff meetings, these smaller courseware development teams (CDTs) reviewed the development timeline, followed up on action items from the in person kick-off meeting in May, identified existing resources and started to develop content that covers the learning objectives listed in the industry recognized training standards

One way to capture knowledge from the SMEs is for the Instructional Designer to use photographs of equipment to prompt discussion on what the different parts are and how they interact.  These rough notes (shown below) are later used by the instructional designers to create completed course materials.  Sample transit elevator escalator courseware developed through this same process can be found on

Real Time Labeling of Train Stop Components by the Train Stop Courseware Development Team During Webinar.  Photograph Provided by SEPTA.


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