Signals Training Consortium Holds First Set of Courseware Development Team Meetings

Posted July 2013

From July 16-18, signal maintenance Subject Matter Experts from all over the country came together as part of the Signals Training Consortium to work on courseware on three different topics:

*  Switches
*  Train Stops
*  Grade Crossings

The group worked with instructional designers from the Center to create content on these topic areas, ranging from introduction and overview to inspection and maintenance and even started working on troubleshooting of grade crossing systems.  Being able to use New Jersey Transit’s training facility made the meeting more efficient as the groups were able to operate the mechanisms at the training center to demonstrate instructional concepts. The Signals training materials will be supplemented with photos and videos of the equipment in use as well as animated sequence of operations related to real world electrical prints.  The final training program will include a suite of instruction-ready materials including coursebooks, PowerPoint presentations, Instructor Guides, On-the-Job Learning Task sheets and assessment tools.

For more information on the Signals Training Consortium, contact Program Director Mark Dysart.

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