St. Louis Bus Mentors and Operators – Driving Towards Success

Posted February 2024
ITLC's Maurice Beard and ATU's Jamaine Gibson
ITLC's Maurice Beard and ATU's Jamaine Gibson with a few of Metro Transit's bus operator mentors and mentees

Thirty enthusiastic Metro Transit (St. Louis) bus operator mentors and members of Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 788 participated in a mentor training at Metro headquarters in early January, which was co-facilitated by ITLC Senior Workforce Advisor Maurice Beard, ATU International’s Director of Apprenticeships and Workforce Development Jamaine Gibson, and assisted by ITLC team member Arnett Powell. The mentors engaged in discussions on various strategies that could help combat challenges new hires face, such as offering ride-alongs to help operators learn routes and an adjustment period to address safety concerns with overtime. 


ATU Local 788 President Reginald Howard and Metro’s Executive Director Charles Stewart addressed the group, expressing their optimism for the future, and pledged a firm commitment to their partnership. Stewart emphasized the broader need for operator training and the importance of mentorship programs in addressing these needs. Metro’s Project Manager and Bus Operator Mentor Coordinator Kristin King-Winfrey continues to work closely with ATU Mentor Coordinator Kimberly Hunt to ensure that every mentor's needs are met. Metro hopes to recruit and train over 100 mentors in the coming months.

Metro Transit's bus operator mentors and members of ATU Local 788

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