The Center’s New Website Highlights Services We Can Deliver to the Transportation Industry

Posted November 2012

The new site contains some of the same information such as links to our publications, transportation related news and how to contact us for more information.  The largest addition to the site is our Solutions and Services section which outlines the services which the Center can provide to transportation authorities and their unions, including our specific experience in these areas. 

These services including:
• Building Labor-Management Partnerships
• Building and Strengthening Training and Apprenticeship Programs
• Conducting Youth Outreach and Building Career Pipelines
• Conducting Training Needs Assessments
• Creating Customized Instructional Design Materials
• Measuring Training Metrics and Return on Investment (ROI)
• Strengthening Safety and Health
• Managing Grants
• Encouraging State of Good Repair and Effective Maintenance

We’ve also added more detailed bios for each member of the Center’s Team to highlight the expertise that goes into all the work we do.  Note that a revamped version of The Center’s courseware sharing site, TransitTraining.Net, is under development and will be launched shortly.

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