Transit Elevator/Escalator Consortium Develops Database of OEM Manuals for Customized Training

Posted October 2012

The Transit Elevator/Escalator Training Consortium met last week in Philadelphia.  Topics covered included how to approach the 300 level courses which are manufacturer and model specific.  It was decided that having one example course for each area (controllers, brakes, etc.) which highlights the common differences amongst systems would be the best approach.  This will be supplemented by the creation of a database of manuals where different topic areas are indexed for easy access for the instructor - making each course completely customizable.  This is a possibility only because of the strength that the Consortium has. Across its agencies, the Consortium provides over 90% of the heavy rail transit rides in the US. Because of this, and the hard work of Center staff and Consortium members, over a dozen manufacturers have agreed to allow their materials to be part of the consortium efforts (shown below).  Without this agreement, such an evergreen, value-added database would not be possible.

Transit Elevator/Escalator Original Equipment Manufacturers that Have Agreed to Let the Consortium Use their Materials:

• Fujitec
• Kone
• ThyssenKrupp
• Minnesota Elevator
• Otis
• Schindler
• Maxton (Valves)
• Mid-American
• Hollister - Whitney
• Motion Controls
• Virgina Controls
• GAL (Doors)

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