Transit Elevator/Escalator Training Consortium Reconvenes at BART

Posted April 2015

Transit Elevator Escalator Training Consortium (More photos on Facebook)

Last week, the Transit Elevator/Escalator Training Consortium reconvened at BART in Oakland, CA.  This team with over 350 years of cumulative experience in transit and training spent four intensive days working together on program development.  During this week, the consortium members:
*  Reviewed courseware pilot findings and scheduled future pilots
*  Participated in a session on how to locally implement

*  Discussed the future role of technology in training and
    elevator/escalator maintenance
*  Learned how to create hyperlinks to OEM manuals through the
    Center’s two OEM specific courses
*  Reviewed and applied strategies and best practices for hands-on

*  Toured BART training center and maintenance center and met with
    OEM vendors
*  Continued courseware development on three courses (Course 304:
    OEM Specific Elevators, Course 401:  Advanced Programmable
    Logic Controllers, Course 402: Advanced System Analysis)

For more information on the Transit Elevator/Escalator Training Consortium, contact project manager

Jim Kinahan


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