Instructional Design

Produce high quality standard-based training materials at a fraction of the cost

The Transportation Learning Center can develop technical training materials that are:

  • Custom-designed
  • Based on National Training Standards
  • Created by Center staff designers
  • Full of front-line knowledge from Labor and Management Subject Matter Experts
  • Formatted using industry approved templates

Instructional Design

The Transportation Learning Center has instructional designers skilled in the creation of technical training materials specific to the needs of transit agencies and their union. Materials are designed around Performance based learning objectives with leading edge instructional methodology. The Center can create custom based products based on your specific needs or courseware that is designed with the National Training Standards as the basis for the courseware.

Since 2009, The Center has been creating courseware for the Transit Elevator/Escalator Training Consortium (the Consortium) which was formed from the members of a joint labor-management committee.  The Consortium’s approach, developed by the Center, is to create a governing committee and a subject matter expert committee of labor and management representatives to contribute knowledge and ideas to the courseware. 

The Center guides the process, and, along with its very capable instructional designers, produces completed courseware in any format you prefer. 

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For the Transit Elevator/Escalator project, the courseware products include course books for the trainees, PowerPoint presentations to be used during classroom instruction and detailed instructor guides which include a list of materials needed, suggested script, classroom and lab activities and suggested instructional times – based off of the pending national apprenticeship program .

The Center has the capacity to create courseware for other transit occupations and is willing to do so in the context of a labor-management partnership.  In cases where training standards do not already exist, the Center can facilitate the creation of such standards.  The Center can replicate this effort with one agency on a smaller scale, or work with numerous agencies on a larger scale to produce courseware that will work the way the workforce works.

If you are interested in finding out the training needs of your workforce before creating courseware, consider a training needs assessment, also done by the Center.

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Elevator Escalator Training Consortium

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In September 2010, The Transit Elevator/Escalator Consortium (the consortium) was formed to develop a national Transit Elevator/Escalator Maintenance Training and Apprenticeship Program to address the following concerns of the transit industry:

• Lack of quality training materials consistent training
• Safety and reliability of Transit elevators and escalators
• Liability concerns
• Growing state certification requirements
• Dissatisfaction with contracted-out maintenance