State of Good Repair/Effective Maintenance

Achieve State of Good Repair and effective maintenance through quality training

The Transportation Learning Center can help improve State of Good Repair at your agency:

  • Conduct skills gap analyses that reveal specific areas where technicians lack essential knowledge and skills
  • Develop targeted training based on skills gap analyses results to enhance technical skills in needed areas
  • Enhance training delivery through increased applications of “learn by doing” methods that engage students in hands-on exercises
  • Conduct courseware validations to determine where training materials lack compliance to National Training Standards
  • Develop standards-based courseware from new or use the Center’s vast library of training resources to improve existing agency training materials
  • Make use of highly experienced technicians as effective on-the-job mentors

The ability to keep federally subsidized rolling stock in good repair and operating in peak condition depends in large part on the competency of the workforce maintaining that equipment.  Regardless of the natural skills and abilities that technicians may have, the proliferation of advanced technology applications to transit makes it imperative that they keep pace with changing technology through training. Failure to do so not only wastes taxpayer’s investment in transit because technicians squander parts and labor as they struggle to diagnose faults, but greatly impacts customer satisfaction when vehicles fail to show up on time due to breakdowns. More importantly, faulty maintenance increases the likelihood of human error and places the riding public at great risk.

Training programs based on National Standards established jointly by labor and management ensures that technicians have the knowledge and skills needed to protect capital investments and keep vehicles in a state of good repair. The Center’s expert staff can help you apply National Standards to build a more effective training program, which in turn will keep capital equipment in good repair. 


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