Youth Outreach and Career Pipeline

Link schools to transit careers for young people and build the next generation transit workforce

The Transportation Learning Center can work with your agency to establishing a career pathways program that:

  • Help interest young people in transit careers
  • Prepare young people for the real world jobs available in transit
  • Encourage retention among new, young recruits because they are prepared and familiar with the skills and abilities needed for employment in a transit agency

The Transportation Learning Center has been working to develop effective education and career pathways for young people who are not headed to a four-year college straight out of high school.  One-third of the frontline technical workforce in operations and maintenance plan to retire in the next five years.  The Center can work with agencies and their unions to establish programs that make high school students aware of careers in transit and to establish initiatives that ensure they are prepared for the frontline positions that are a priority for agencies around the country. 

A successful Career Pathways model must meet the unique needs of each agency and the community in which it operates.  The Center works with its partners to identify the opportunities in existing and potential programs in the local middle schools and high schools.  At the same time, we work with the industry to develop transitional programs that fit for particular partners, including curriculum for potential and incoming workers, summer internships, pre-apprentice programs and mentoring.  The Center can also work with you to identify high schools and community colleges willing to participate in the program, and help plan a curriculum based on the new industry standards.  It is a win-win-win.  The schools receive curriculum materials that help them to engage the type of student who has typically lost interest in school before completing high school; the student is prepared for a great career in transit; and, the transit agency has assistance in identifying, recruiting, and training new employees who have a genuine interest in a transit career.


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